3 Warning Signs Your Car Needs to Be Serviced

Buying a car can be life-changing. It could mean you can drive wherever and whenever you want. That said, for your car to function properly, you need to take good care of it. This means you also have to pay attention to how it works so you can easily see if something is wrong and you’d need to make an appointment with an auto repair service. Here are some signs that there may be something wrong with your car.


1. Dashboard Warning Lights

This is the most obvious sign that your car needs to be serviced as soon as possible. For some cars, the service icon will appear on the instrument panel and literally tell you how to proceed. Some lights also display text alongside the icon. Sometimes, this will tell the maximum distance you could continue to drive until your car starts giving you some problems. Although this reminder usually appears when your car is due for service, it may also indicate a significant issue that requires attention. Unfortunately, according to Auto Inc, about 15% of surveyed drivers in the United States admit to disregarding dashboard warnings for more than three months. The next time your warning lights turn on, don’t hesitate to seek out auto repair services.


2. Strange Noises

This is another sign that you need to service your car. If you start hearing clicks, hisses, or ticks, then something could be wrong under the hood. If the sounds are becoming more intense, you should take your car to an auto repair mechanic right away. If you can’t take the car for repairs, you should at least stop driving it until you can bring it in for a consultation. Driving a car that’s making strange noises can be an extremely unsafe thing to do. You should also pay attention to when the sounds are occurring, where they seem to come from, and what they sound like. Giving your mechanic these details can make it easier for them to diagnose the problem.


3. Dripping Liquid

Are you noticing puddles under your car? Before you panic, you should try to identify where the leak is in your car. If you’re not sure, there’s a good chance the problem is under the hood. If your car is leaking colorless liquid, the issues could be severe. That fluid could be oil, power steering fluid, or brake fluid. You shouldn’t attempt to drive your car if you start seeing this. Even when you want to take it for repairs, it’s better to find a towing service to move it for you.


These are some signs that there is something wrong with your car. To avoid experiencing or perpetuating these symptoms, you should be proactive when it comes to servicing your car. Problems can develop even if you are following a strict maintenance schedule, though. Get in touch with Sanfelippo Auto Repair today if you are looking for a reliable auto repair shop.