Fleet Work

If your company has commercial vehicles used for travel, they must be maintained somewhere. Let Sanfelippo Auto Repair take care of all your company cars on a monthly basis. When dropping off a vehicle, never worry about finding a ride back to work when you can get a free ride courtesy of SAR.  Or, if you prefer, we offer limited onsite services where our mechanics bring tools and service vehicles at your place of work.  We are confident that your fleet will run better and longer with regular services and diagnostic checks from Sanfelippo Auto Repair.

Since 1992, our family-owned business has built a solid reputation for quality service and competitive rates.  If you are looking for an auto repair shop you can trust, look no further.  SAR is committed to ensuring you safe, reliable vehicles for years to come.  We are a fully equipped service and repair shop; you can rest assure that the maintenance or repairs of your vehicles can be performed with ease and convenience.  If you have a fleet that needs regular maintenance, you won’t regret working with us.  Our customers are like family and we welcome you to our home.

Our services include:

  • Routine oil changes tire rotations and inspections
  • Battery replacement
  • Transmission servicing and repair
  • Hunter digital wheel alignment
  • Suspension clunk and rattle repair
  • Brake work
  • Trouble light diagnosis and repair
  • Cooling system fluid changes and repairs
  • Heating and A/C servicing
  • Engine repair and replacement
  • Tire repairs, computer balancing, & replacement

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