How Can Summer Impact My Vehicle?

Maintaining your vehicle year-round is essential when you own a car. According to Auto Inc, a whopping 92% of all vehicle owners have stated that they have delayed the servicing and maintenance of their vehicle at a professional auto repair shop when they should have tended to it. If you are wondering how the summer weather might impact your vehicle, this article will help you understand what you’ll need to do to prepare as best as possible.


In some extreme temperatures, batteries inside vehicles can experience a shortened lifespan. Keep an eye on your battery and use heat protectors if necessary, especially during the hottest months of the year. You may need to visit a professional auto repair shop to replace your battery or ask them to provide you with a spare, so you can be prepared should it unexpectedly stop working.

Tire Pressure

Another aspect of your vehicle to keep an eye on during the summertime is the pressure in your tires. During the hotter months of the year, your vehicle’s tires are much more likely to expand, especially if you are living in an extremely humid area. Have your professional mechanic monitor your tire pressure, especially during hot and cold months, to ensure the pressure is at its recommended measurement.


If you live in a tropical area or in an area that is prone to heavy thunderstorms and natural disasters such as hurricanes, you may want to ensure your vehicle has top-tier windshield wipers. Changing your windshield wipers more frequently is often recommended for those who live in areas that receive more rain, torrential downpours, and natural disasters involving water. Talk to your mechanic to learn about how often you should have the blades replaced to avoid running into any issues.

Getting comfortable with your vehicle inside and out is highly advisable regardless of the climate you live in, especially if you want to maintain your peace of mind throughout each season. When you know what to be mindful of during hotter months of the year, you can prepare your vehicle ahead of time, minimizing any potential risk of issues occurring. To learn more about how to prepare your vehicle for summer, call Sanfelippo Auto Repair today!